Multisupport Publishing with Web Technologies

SUPSI (Mendrisio, Swiss), December 11–15, 2023

Workshop led by Julie Blanc for the Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e desig of Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (Mendrisio, Swiss).
Students: Arianna Stoeckli, Elia Jacop, Giulia Marcora, Lauro Gianella, Massimo Bordogna, Matteo Bruno, Simone Scardovi(view student work ↓)

Today, the web is at the heart of our lives. We use it on a daily basis, and in the majority of cases, this use is limited to being a consultation environment. Yet the web was originally conceived as an open publication space.

In today's digital landscape, the web plays a central role in our daily lives. Originally conceived as an open publishing space, it has evolved significantly. Browsers have now become powerful rendering engines that can be considered as graphic composition tools. Recent developments in the styled langage CSS (CSS Grid, flexbox, variable fonts, etc.) enable increasingly advanced formatting, and new perspectives have also been opened up for printed page layout.

From paper to screen, the traditional boundaries between media have become more fluid. It is now possible to use the same design tools and methods for both media. The fixed composition of the printed page meets the interactivity and fluid, adaptable flow of screens.

The goal of this workshop is to explore the use of web technologies for publishing in both web and print formats. Participants (individualy or in small group) will create a multimedia publication, comprising a web page and a printed booklet (minimum 16 pages). The content of the publication is open-ended, but texts can be suggested by the speaker.

Our objective is to code for two different publication formats, bridging the gap between paper and screen. Additionally, the workshop will foster discussions on how web technologies are changing the landscape for graphic designers. Code opens up a free, open source and collaborative alternative to the golden prisons of proprietary software. This affects both the forms created and the underlying design principles in the publishing world.

Note: For viewing on mobile phones, zoom out when viewing the books. Please note that the display of the books has not been designed for small screen sizes, so you may get errors (especially on Safari).

Student work